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National Resource
Solutions, Inc.
About Us

National Resource Solutions, Inc. specializes in the recruitment of Environmental, Health & Safety, Sustainability, and Product Stewardship professionals, from staff to executive levels, in industry and professional fields as well as the engineering/consulting arena.

Michael Flanagan has over 18 years experience in the environmental business employed in both the major oil industry and in the environmental engineering and consulting field. He has held positions encompassing environmental and regulatory compliance, senior project management, national account program development and management, and operations management.  Michael has over 20 years recruiting experience and has also recruited and hired his own staff at 2 environmental engineering/consulting firms for whom he opened and managed offices.

Michael’s unique background and experience affords him a solid appreciation of his client’s perspective in any staffing initiative.

Michael’s clients, and candidates, benefit from his Environmental, Health & Safety background:

  1. Michael served as first generation Environmental and Regulatory Compliance department for a major oil company.  In this role, he handled all environmental issues downstream from a refinery.  Michael worked approximately 9 years for this major oil company.
  2. Michael worked in the environmental engineering & consulting field for over 9 years providing Environmental, Health & Safety compliance services to industry. He served for a number of years in a national program director role traveling the U.S. developing programs with clients, calling on prospective clients, and working with company offices across the country to set up programs and identify the proper personnel to carry out the work for the sector clients.
  3. Michael knows the Environmental, Health & Safety language!  He recognizes when someone knows their business and when they don’t.
  4. Michael has developed numerous contacts across the country by virtue of his career both in the Environmental, Health & Safety arena and in recruiting.  These contacts range from staff to President and COO levels in industry and engineering/consulting firms.
  5. Michael’s sole focus is in Environmental, Health & Safety, Sustainability, and Product Stewardship.  He is a specialist and does not pursue search assignments and candidates outside of his specialty (unless specifically requested to do so by existing clientele). 
  6. Michael recruits by cold-calling and utilizing his large network of contacts.  He has established a high level of trust with his clients and candidates.  Michael’s contacts know they can rely on his confidentiality, and in fact he obtains a lot of his clients and candidates by virtue of referrals. 

The goal of National Resource Solutions Inc. is to develop long-term relationships with our clients based upon honesty, trust, and integrity.  We focus on our clients needs and 'pains', and finding the ways to fulfill those needs and alleviate the pains.  We listen to our clients, ask questions, and communicate our understanding of the client’s needs and objectives to ensure we and our client are on the same wavelength and moving forward to accomplish the project/program goals. We ask for feedback of our performance in order to enhance and refine the services being  provided. Our program manager likes to discuss the position and its specifics directly with the hiring manager in order to determine not only the experience and technical requirements of the candidates but also those intangibles that ensure proper fit with the team and the company. Our unique background and experience afford a solid appreciation of our client’s perspective in any staffing initiative.


The mission of National Resource Solutions Inc. is to provide quality recruiting and placement services to both candidates and clients alike.  Our goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based upon honesty, trust, and integrity.  The management and employees of National Resource Solutions Inc. are dedicated to enhancing the recruitment process and profession for the benefit of all.

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