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National Resource
Solutions, Inc.
Candidate Page

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When we initially speak with you, we like to spend time in getting to know you and gather information about your professional background and experiences. We will discuss your current and past duties and responsibilities, significant accomplishments in your career, opportunities you wish to hear about and pursue, as well as compensation and relocation information. If you would like, please take a minute to complete and email our Candidate Information Sheet or email your resume to us. We cannot of course guarantee an interview for every submittal of a resume to our clients however the information we gather in this process helps us to help you. National Resource Solutions Inc., being an EH&S specialty firm, will be able to use this information in assisting in your career growth, now or in the future.


National Resource Solutions Inc. understands and respects the confidential nature of our discussions and relationships. Resumes, and related candidate information, are only sent to our clients or partner recruiting companies under the following conditions: 1. You are interested in having your resume, and/or related information about you, provided to our clients or partners 2. We have your verbal approval to send such information to our clients or partners. We keep your candidacy confidential relative to your current employer and your co-workers. We likewise hold your candidacy confidential relative to past employers, past co-workers, and the general populace as well.

Fees: National Resource Solutions Inc. fees for services rendered are paid for by our clients. We do not charge our candidates a fee for our services.


The mission of National Resource Solutions Inc. is to provide quality recruiting and placement services to both candidates and clients alike.  Our goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based upon honesty, trust, and integrity.  The management and employees of National Resource Solutions Inc. are dedicated to enhancing the recruitment process and profession for the benefit of all.

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