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National Resource
Solutions, Inc.

Michael Flanagan specializes in the recruitment of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) professionals, from staff to executive levels, in industry and professional fields as well as the engineering/consulting arena.

The goal of National Resource Solutions, Inc. is to develop long-term relationships with our clients based upon honesty, trust, and integrity. We focus on our client's needs and 'pains', and finding the ways to fulfill those needs and alleviate the pains. We listen to our clients, ask questions, and communicate our understanding of the client’s needs and objectives to ensure we and our client are on the same wavelength and moving forward to accomplish the project/program goals. We ask for feedback of our performance in order to enhance and refine the services being provided. Our program manager likes to discuss the position and its specifics directly with the hiring manager in order to determine not only the experience and technical requirements of the candidates but also those intangibles that ensure proper fit with the team and the company. Our unique background and experience afford a solid appreciation of our client’s perspective in any staffing initiative.



Although typically felt to be reserved for those key executive positions, National Resource Solutions, Inc. has also found the Retained Search option to be of great importance to companies regarding managerial, senior, and staff level positions of a ‘time critical’ nature.


When time is of the essence, yet a retained search is not applicable and a high level of commitment to the project need be guaranteed, the Time Sensitive Priority Search is an excellent alternative.  An ‘engagement’ fee is agreed to, and paid, prior to the search beginning thus creating a commitment greater than the Contingency Search for both the client and the recruiter, yet without entering into a Retained Search.  The Time Sensitive Priority Search is also an excellent option for situations involving multiple openings, or a situation where confidentiality is a crucial component to the search.


The contingency search is designed for those situations where a company does not wish to commit to a Retained Search or Time Sensitive Priority Search.  National Resource Solutions, Inc.’s fee is structured based upon on a percentage of the first year’s projected earnings of the candidate hired.  The fee for a successful Contingency Search is due only when a candidate submitted by us is hired.

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