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National Resource
Solutions, Inc.
Tips Page

Here you will find some tips and hints to make
your interview and process as easy as possible.

National Resource Solutions, Inc. provides all of our candidates with assistance in preparing for both telephone and face-to-face interviews.

Prior to telephone interviews we discuss with each candidate the goals of the telephone interview. We then review company specific information and the particulars of the position for which the candidate is interviewing. We answer any questions the candidate may have subsequent to information gathering regarding the company.

Preparatory assistance for face-to-face interviews includes the aforementioned, plus we ‘kick it up a notch’ by providing the following information to help our candidates get into an ‘interview frame of mind’ and to follow up in appropriate manner:

• Interview Tips: this document provides the candidate with material which assists in preparing for the interview by providing sample questions of a generic nature which may be asked of them during the interview, questions the candidate might ask of each interviewer, pre-interview activities, tips on proper attire, and conduct during the interview. NOTE: sample questions and answers are generic in nature and intended only to assist the candidate in preparing for the interview relative to personal background and expertise, nor are they indicative of specific questions that our clients will ask during an interview and answers are not intended to be memorized as responses to any question of a similar nature.

• Assistance in the preparation of a follow-up ‘thank you’ letter. Going the extra mile to type a ‘thank you’ letter, sign, and mail the letter is always appropriate and can be the deciding factor in a candidates hiring process.

• Resignation information. Resigning can be stressful and we at National Resource Solutions, Inc. recognize this. We provide you with recommendations to help you through the process.

• Counter-Offer information. There are situations where an employer may attempt to convince a resigning employee to stay with the company. Such ‘counter-offers’ can be very attractive but fraught with danger for the person considering the lure of this last minute attempt to keep a person at the company. Remember, the reason you began interviewing for a new position with a new employer will likely still exist regardless of a salary increase and/or promotion resulting from a resignation!

National Resource Solutions, Inc. will periodically contact candidates who have accepted employment with our clients to ensure all is going well and to be of further assistance in continuing to help with the early stages of the transition process.

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